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Nabuedu is an infoproducts business born from two psychologists who work in the relationships field. For Nabuedu, I realized the business strategy, the landing pages and the advertisements.

The main product is the “Kintsugi Protocol“, a get-back-with-your-ex course. The Unique Selling Point is that the teacher is a psychotherapist and has great social proof. After studying the competition, we noticed how their message was very unprofessional and exaggerating the potential outcomes. This caused a strong sense of distrust among their audience on social media. We then decided to explicitly communicate our distance from these competitors. We could summarize the message as: “We are not like them, because we don’t sell miracles. Our course invites you to change for your own’s sake and for the relationship’s, not to manipulate your ex partner.”

We both used a lead-nurturing workflow (email sequence + recorded videos + Youtube lives) and cold-selling with a persuasive landing page.

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