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Ipnocoaching is an informational website about hypnosis, funded by Umberto De Marco – Italian author and hypnotist. Thanks to our work together, we transformed the website into a profitable infobusiness.

We studied a Minimum Viable Product to test the market and try selling it through a mailing list and a Facebook Group. As the test was suggesting a potential profit, we started running Facebook Ads.

Using Kajabi as delivery platform for the courses, we exploited its ability to upsell in order to increase the average transaction value. Every student, once enrolled in a low-ticket frontend course, was prompted to buy more courses through an order bump and a one-time-offer upsell. Every student was then subscribed to multiple nurturing and conditional email lists to teach them to better use their new acquired skills and to sell more products.

This, during year 1, helped us get over 700 clients with 50k gross margin and an ad-spend of approx. 13k, with a 3.85X ROAS. We also managed to reach over 2300 people in our Facebook Group.

Until recently, we only sold low ticket infoproducts; we are implementing a sales call funnel to sell high-ticket products such as 1:1 consultations with the brand owner and live classes.

The first year was focused on acquiring new customers who were mainly curious to learn more about hypnosis. As we are shifting to a high-ticket model, we are focusing on two product-lines: hypnosis for professionals and hypnosis for couples.

That’s the case of the Erotic Hypnosis course, the only course available in Italian at the moment on the subject.

For Ipnocoaching, we realized the Kajabi portal, the landing pages, the marketing strategy and the Facebook ads creatives and copywriting, apart from some of the videos.

Here is an example:

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