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Ilino Papilino

Ilino Papilino is a summer camp and afterschool in Athens, Greece. For the launch of this project – that started as a summer camp during the COVID-19 pandemic-, we planned a marketing strategy that would inspire trust and the desire of letting children to socialize again after the several limitations the government had imposed during the school year.

In a very difficult market, with two already established competitors literally across the street, thanks to a persuasive landing page and the right message and with a little spend of 200€, we received 16 subscriptions at 150€ each. This translates in a ROAS of 12X.

The marketing campaign was entirely run on Facebook and Instagram targeting local parents.

Three campaigns were made: one to promote local brand awareness; another one was a conversion campaign (conversation through the buttons on the landing page) and the last one a retargeting campaign.

(automatic translation from Greek)
(automatic translation from Greek)
(Automatic translation from Greek)

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